Our Founder

Dr Samantha Sibanda

Dr Samantha Sibanda is a native of Zimbabwe and is the founder and president of Appreciate Africa Network. She is a vibrant voice in the corridors of leadership, emancipation, human development, and empowerment. She is a philosopher, leader, educator, entrepreneur, team builder, counselor, radio and television presenter, and philanthropist. Dr. Sibanda was nominated and won the China-Africa Civil Ambassador Award, Belt and Silk Road Initiative 2019 |  Most Influential Person Of African Descent (MIPAD) Global 100 Humanitarian Honoree 2018 |  United Nations OHCHR Fellowship for People of African Descent 2018 | Wonderful Outstanding Women in Beijing Working Mum Award 2017 | Nominated for the Women In Leadership Social Contributor Award 2017 | Wonderful Outstanding Women in Beijing Media Award 2016 | Young African International Change Maker Award 2013. The dream to create this initiative came to me during the time in was in the university and studying for my Masters. I had an experience that showed me just how little the world knows about Africa and how often it is stereotyped. Africa has so much to offer and so much to show, its about time the whole world knew!